Hiring the best people can make or break your company. But finding the best candidates is time-consuming and expensive. Exacto offers a new approach to sourcing, combining cutting-edge AI technology with the personalized touch of a human recruiter. So leave the tech to us and learn how we can immediately fill your pipeline with best-fit candidates.


Tired of getting contacted by recruiters with irrelevant jobs? Don’t have time to sift through thousands of job postings to find your next career opportunity? Allow us to pair you with curated jobs and companies that perfectly fit your career objectives. Get to know our team and learn about our technology-enabled recruiters will find your ideal next job.

Why we're different

Unlike traditional recruiting agencies, we don’t charge huge placement fees.

Unlike job boards, we don’t inundate you with unqualified candidates.

Unlike recruiting tech vendors, we manage the technology for you.

Exacto’s mission is to perfectly match people with jobs. We do this with a unique blend of technology, people and process to find the ideal candidate for every position.

With Exacto, employers get an immediate source of top-quality candidates, candidates are placed into their ideal next job, and recruiters focus on people not busy work.


About Us

Exacto was founded to disrupt the traditional recruiting services market. The large, legacy recruitment firms, staffing agencies and RPOs give lip service to their “technology”. but the reality is they are content to charge huge fees to their clients for a service that is fundamentally no different that was 50 years ago. Exacto changes the game with an AI-based technology foundation that transforms the best recruiters into super recruiters that complement internal talent acquisition teams. The result is the best quality hires, in the shortest possible time, at the lowest cost-per-hire.